Q: What is Momma Mosaic?

A: We get asked this all the time! Think of us as a hive, a cool suitcase filled with lots of interesting pockets and compartments, or a giant motherhood mood board that stirs your attention and imagination. We collect and curate all kinds of things to read, listen to, watch and think about. Everything is connected to motherhood.

Q: What is your mission? 

A: Everything we do connects back to our mission of breaking stigmas, stereotypes, and judgement around motherhood. We support, celebrate, and nourish moms and women (+ girls!) everywhere in many different ways. We like to think of it as one big village. The more we talk, share and connect, the stronger and more supported we will be! 

Q: Whom do you work with?

A: We work with moms via our direct wellness services (coaching, doula, mentoring.) We work with like-minded brands in the health and wellness communities to promote products and services that we believe in. We work with like-minded businesses, corporations and nonprofits working to improve maternity and health care for women and families. Mostly, we want to hear from moms and encourage them to share their story. We are a mosaic!

Q: How can I join the Momma Mosaic?

A: We offer individual one-on-one coaching packages to support and nourish moms in all phases of their motherhood journey. We love hearing from moms and encourage the sharing of their stories. For coaching packages and services, inspiration, articles, interviews and more, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media. For interview, story or article ideas or to be featured on Momma Mosaic, click on "Share Your Story" or drop us a note!

Q: What is 2020 Mom? And how is Momma Mosaic connected to it?

A: 2020 Mom is a national organization dedicated to closing gaps in maternal mental health care through education, advocacy, and collaboration. 2020 Mom has issued a national call to action that sets forth an aggressive new path for solving what some have called one of the biggest public health concerns of our time: the silent maternal mental health crisis impacting up to 20% of expecting and new moms. 2020 Mom serves as a catalyst for policy and systems change by building nationwide partnerships with dedicated stakeholders, pursuing advocacy opportunities, providing training and tools, and promoting recommendations for hospitals, insurers and providers. Momma Mosaic Founder, Maria Carola, was named 2017 Ambassador of the Year by 2020 Mom and remains an active Ambassador for the organization. 

Q: Who started Momma Mosaic?

A: Maria Carola is the face and the founder of Momma Mosaic. After a traumatic childbirth and severe postpartum depression Maria dedicated her career to communicating and advocating for better maternal health in America. She is a life, health and wellness coach, a writer, speaker, award-winning photographer, a trained birth/postpartum doula, an Ambassador for 2020 Mom, on the GLAM4GOOD Advisory Council for Women+Girls and was the former PR/Marketing Chair for Postpartum Support International.  

Q: What is Momma Mosaic Kids?

A: Introducing Momma Mosaic’s youth ambassadors!

Life as seen through the eyes of children is a gift. What we, as parents and adults, may take for granted or overlook are often the very things that fascinate a child. When we break it down to the most basic things: where we live, where we go to school, what we eat, who we live with, we learn that our differences are not something which divide us but that unify us. Furthermore, we learn that diversity is what makes us as people so amazing!

Through interviews, blog posts and photos, we want to harness the creativity and perspective of these young minds and give them a platform to connect with and learn about other children their age everywhere.   

It’s a simple question that leads to so much, “Hi! This is Me. Who are you?”