Give Back Gift Box Campaign: Give Back with The Alex House Project


This May in connection with Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month and 2020 Mom, we are donating specially curated care packages to moms in need ages 15-21 in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We've chosen to partner with The Alex House Project, a "peer-led social service and leadership development organization that supports pregnant and parenting young mothers who reside in economically depressed neighborhoods in New York City.".  To contribute click here!

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Our gift box for new moms begins with our signature robe. Having a baby is life-changing and even the best-laid plans and most thought-out scenarios can’t prepare a woman for the physical, emotional and spiritual journey they are about to embark upon. A sumptuous, cozy robe conveys so much that every new mother needs —  a sense of home, safety, security, comfort, restoration. 

Our gift boxes are available in tiers. 

Tier 1: A signature robe $25 

Tier 2: A signature robe + basic personal hygiene essentials (deodorant, sanitary pads, body spray, lotion): $50 

Tier 3: A signature robe + basic personal hygiene essentials + beauty basics (lip gloss, face cream, a compact mirror): $75

by Maria Carola