Stand up for better maternity care.

Buy a bag, screen a mom.

These cool totes are functional, durable and let your voice be heard. A portion of every bag purchased goes towards providing postpartum depression screening for a new mom. 


Sharing our experiences

Motherhood can be amazing but it is also complicated and difficult. When we speak up and connect with others, we realize that what feels isolating and personal is actually quite universal. We are a community, a mosaic of motherhood with all of its challenges, complexities and celebrations. One of the most rewarding and beneficial things we can do is to share our stories in an attempt to make real, impactful change and improve maternity and family care for all. Please join the mosaic and share your story today!


Let’s change the face of postpartum depression. #iamppd

An ongoing call for submissions from postpartum depression survivors to contribute portraits of themselves and become part of the Momma Mosaic. Standing proud, each photo is beautiful on its own. Together, the faces form a mosaic.  Beautiful.  Strong.  Together.