One-on-one health and life coaching sessions for new mothers

Giving birth ushers in monumental shifts in a woman's emotional, physical and physiological wellbeing. And, while much attention is placed on preparing ourselves for the pregnancy and birth of our children, there is not as much dialogue about what happens after the birth. 

The first few months after childbirth are often referred to as the postpartum phase, the fourth trimester, or the first one-hundred days. Traditional postpartum practices nourished new mothers and marked the postpartum stage as a time of deep rest, restoration, rejuvenation and celebration. Birth was an honored rite of passage in a woman's life and she was surrounded and supported by a community of women, often family, from pregnancy through postpartum and beyond.  

Modern mothers need their village back.

And that village starts with sharing, supporting and talking.

Over generations, women have been stripped of their village and power in birth and the postpartum stage. We need to put the power back in the mothers hands. We need to give them that sacred, beautiful space to reflect, respond and absorb. To hold space for them to heal and help and grow and lead. We need to bring the village back so moms feel supported, nurtured and celebrated. Momma Mosaic's wellness coaching practice is inspired by these age-old traditions and approaches while being infused with founder Maria Carola's real talk as a working divorced mom in the modern world. She doesn't shy away from the raw, gritty parts of motherhood and draws on her own experience with miscarriage, birth trauma, back-to-back (undiagnosed) postpartum depression, and PTSD. We are witnessing a global shift in the way we care for new mothers. It's time to reclaim our power and strength. It's time to invest in our own self-care, for the sake of our own health and wellness as well as that of our families. 

  Join the mosaic and together let's begin the journey

to reclaim, celebrate and honor your best self.