Hillary Clinton

As I sit here listening to Bernie Sanders endorse Hillary Clinton for President, I hear a lot of cheering for the Democrats plan to revise healthcare in America and I have to wonder what Hillary would do as President in the area of maternal mental health.  

Over the years we have heard her talk about healthcare as First Lady, as Senator of New York, and as Presidential candidate.  Recently we have heard her talk about new motherhood -- both through the eyes of her daughter Chelsea but also as a new grandmother.  She speaks about wanting her granddaughter Charlotte to grow up in a just and fair world where all girls and women have all of the chances that boys and men do.  

On her website, Clinton states that she will work to provide working parents paid maternity/family leave (up to 12 weeks) to care for a new baby.  And that she will work to provide home visiting services by a social worker or a nurse to more than 2 million parents and children in the next ten years.  What about postpartum depression, the number one complication of all pregnancy and childbearing mothers in the country? No mother can function properly in any capacity if they are suffering. We need a more comprehensive look at women's health and to take better care of our mothers and new families. 

Hillary tweeted last spring from New Hampshire, "Everything we need to do in our country really starts with how we treat our children." We agree, Hillary.  So let's give our children the best start in life by making sure their mothers are healthy and happy.